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    Utility roomAdditional WCStudySeparate dining roomConservatoryBasement
    GarageBalcony (to sweep)Rear patio (to sweep)Front garden (to sweep)Shed (to dust and sweep)Rubbish bins (to wipe), take rubbish bags

    deep clean - cleaning and wiping inside and out, on top, under wall units, buffing any gloss surfaces including handlesfinish clean - checking and further cleaning any remaining marks and food debris inside cupboards, drawers, on and around handleslight clean - wiping and buffing dry inside and outside of the unitsnot required
    (single)(double)(wide range)deep clean - removing all trays, shelves and side racks and applying solution to all parts of the oven, rinsing and finishing by hand to remove any remaining baked on greasefinish clean - further cleaning of remaining baked-on grease and rinsing and wiping dry, polishing of exterior stainless steel if relevantlight clean - checking and refreshing as required, wiping and polishing to exteriornot required
    (gas)(electric)deep clean - removing any burnt-on grease, degreasing knobs and surroundsfinish clean - further cleaning to remove remaining burnt-on grease, wiping and polishinglight clean - wiping and polishing to refreshnot required
    deep clean - degreasing with attention to edges, control buttons, light coversfinish clean - further degreasing to filters, control buttons, light coverslight clean - wiping and polishing to refreshstainless steel - polished to remove oxidation and stains and to restore shinenew filter - supplied and fitted if relevant (free of charge)
    deep clean - cleaning filters and portholes, descaling around the doorfinish clean - further cleaning to filters, around the door edges and hingeslight clean - checking and refreshing as necessarynot required
    deep clean - defrosting, deep cleaning and drying all shelves, seals and surfaces, removing any grey discolouration to interior plasticsfinish clean - further cleaning with attention to corners and edges of the shelves, door handles and sealslight clean - refreshingnot required
    deep clean - removing any soap, scale and mildew from all accessible parts: soap tray, internal housing, door and rubber, wiping exterior of the machinefinish clean - further cleaning to soap tray, door and rubber seal, control panel and exteriorlight clean - checking and refreshing as necessarynot required
    deep clean - removing and cleaning filters and condensers where relevant, wiping exterior and under the machinefinish clean - further cleaning to filters and condensers where relevant, wiping exterior and under the machinelight clean - checking and wiping as necessarynot required




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